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What results can you get from coaching? 

How do you know “getting into coaching” could even help you?

Perfectly reasonable questions and believe me — I’m asked variations of these all the time.  Random people message me and ask, “What will I get if I start coaching?” 

This is the fun part…

The results you get depend on you, your goals, your level of commitment, and how much work you’re willing to do.  But that doesn’t exactly sound fun, sexy, or captivating does it??

Instead, you see coaches on Instagram and Facebook talking about creating 7-figure businesses, buying a Lamborghini, wearing a $35,000 watch, retiring at age 27, and promising that with enough “hustle” you can have anything you want…

Don’t get me wrong — I have no judgment if that’s what you’re after, and I have a deep respect for anyone willing to grind out the work required to create something meaningful in their lives.  I also think promising those results discounts the PROCESS of coaching and who it can help you become.

In other words, my clients often discover a simple truth about their coaching results:

The PROCESS itself is a massive part of their results.

For example, a client this week had her 9th call with me and she described how she feels like she has a new tool belt full of useful techniques, concepts, and specific ways to deal with her life and business.  We didn’t spend any time talking about a 7-figure business, a Lambo, a watch, or her hustle.  Instead, we talked about her celebrating her current level of success while she works to get to the next level.  We revisited her innate behavioral style (High ID) and what it means for her communication.  We took a deep look at how she was interpreting certain things happening in her life and what she was making them mean.  We identified how certain people and moments triggered dramatic changes in her state, which ultimately changed the results showing up in her life and business.  We discussed specific, new ways she can stay focused at work, prioritize her tasks, and create an environment that really supports her goals.

Those don’t really sound like sexy, deliverable results do they?

Maybe not.  Yet the magic happens when she gets off the phone with clarity about the outcomes she wants to see in her life and business.  We need to agree that RESULTS are not necessarily OUTCOMES. 

For instance, I may say I want the result of a 7-figure business, yet maybe what I really want is the outcome of feeling secure in my income.  Maybe the outcome of feeling secure about my paycheck helps me release stress and worry related to money, which causes me to show up happier and feeling more free than ever before.

See?  Results and outcomes are different…

Know anyone who says they just want to help foster dogs?  Maybe the result is providing a dog with a safe and happy place to live for a while, yet the outcome may be the feeling of contributing to a noble cause.  Or, maybe their desired outcome is significance in the world by serving helpless animals. 

Either way — you can probably see what I’m digging at here… We may be asking the wrong question with “What results can I get from coaching?”  Instead we should ask, “What outcomes do I want from coaching?”

My client above understands outcomes to the core.  She’s been directing her outcomes to dramatically transform her personal life and business in just 9 calls!  She understands this fundamental piece:

Coaching and getting results and/or outcomes is a PROCESS and not just a PROJECT

She also understands coaching helps you grow in a healthy way, and growing things change.  Therefore the results we’re chasing after, the outcomes we really want to see, and the breakthroughs we experience all change as we grow through the process.

Take a deep breath here… I know all of this sounds like a tall order, and it is.  Trust me though because my clients are living these techniques daily and experiencing groundbreaking outcomes daily…

And it’s not because of me.

It’s because of their commitment, their work, their appreciation, and THEIR investment in themselves.  I can facilitate their growth (and it fills me with pride and powerful energy every single day to be able to serve them) yet believe me when I say the results and outcomes from my style of coaching are ENDLESS because they always come down to:

  1. You.
  2. Your goals.
  3. Your passion.
  4. Your willingness to invest in yourself.
  5. Your commitment to the work it will take.
  6. Your eagerness to imagine what’s really possible for you.
  7. What you do next.

Great, so… now what??

It depends.

What you really, really want might be on the other side of the coaching process.  Message me below now to set up a strategy session if you want to stop reading about someone else’s ideal outcomes and start creating your own!

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