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What do FOUR rookies of the year have in common?

How could I earn this honor then turn around and coach THREE MORE rookies of the year?

The answer is not what you think…

First though, I must address this recurring question:  “Do you only coach real estate agents?”


Despite marketing across several platforms almost every day, I still get this question a few times a week.  I’m grateful people understand a certain reputation about me yet I’d like to make something crystal clear: 

I coach more than real estate agents… I coach small business owners, CEOs, top salespeople, CPAs, and people who intend to have a profound impact on the world…  yet I still get this question because I spent years selling and coaching at a really high level in the real estate industry.

I coach leaders. 

I coach both men and women. 

I coach business owners and people who lead other humans. 

I coach people who have a burning desire to be their **BEST.**

I coach people who want more passion, profit, and freedom in their life & business.

The type of people who want to be their BEST and want to help others become their best too.

In addition to these common themes, there’s a trait I screen for in potential clients…  I learned to look for it when training rookies.  It serves as an excellent guide when considering whether to take on a new client or not.  It practically guarantees whether they will succeed in coaching, and just as important, whether they will succeed in leading others.

So, what’s this mystery trait??

Call it grit, call it tenacity, call it passion… There’s no single word in our language sufficient to capture it in a person’s demeanor:  I’ve learned to see it as a combination of their spirit, determination, and “why they do what they do” all wrapped into one incredible, enthusiastic energy.  It’s just as much a feeling as a trait, and the good news is it’s INFECTIOUS. 

And that’s why I took on Rob as a coaching client…

The combination of his energy and grit is outrageous.  They’re really only matched by his customer service and ability to enroll other people in his optimism (you see why I wanted him as a client??)

In this blog, I’ll show you some of the other key traits Rob demonstrates as an amazing leader, coaching client, business owner and what helped him earn Rookie of the Year.  My goal is to share these so you can begin to recognize your OWN similar traits and explore them — rather UNLEASH them — onto the world in service of others just like Rob and other rookies have learned how to do…

First:  VISION.

Rookies who become rockstars want more.  They will not settle for a “job,” a task, nor limited opportunity for very long… Their vision is much, much greater.  They literally see what others who lack vision cannot:  A solution when one is missing, opportunity when others see negativity,  clarity when everyone else seems lost, and possibility in the impossible.

Rob brought his vision into a group coaching program I started called “Rookie to Rockstar”.  After nearly 25 years in the restaurant business, Rob saw a vast opportunity to create all the passion, profit and freedom he was missing in the corporate world.

Over the next year, he implemented his grand designs of a happier future along with the mindset tools I coached him on and saw something more than just his vision come to life:

He saw results.

While others in the program allowed their vision to get clouded with distractions, excuses, and uncertainty – Rob pushed forward, took risks, and worked hard to create his dream life.

(Sidenote: I have no judgment for those who didn’t make it through the program. One of the great things about coaching is learning to release your attachment to someone else’s outcome. As coaches, we must understand the fact that we create our own vision, results, and ultimately our own reality.)


All of the Rookies I’ve coached learned how to assess their personal values, the values of their business, and determine which things/people are most important in their lives.  With a deep understanding of what’s most important, they learned how to make decisions to KEEP them in alignment with those core principles and people.

How?  How do they know how to do that?

Honest answer: they don’t at first. Very few people align their life & business intuitively.  I tease every client this [coaching] is a PROCESS, not just a project.  Over time, we’re all capable of amazing things.

In Rob’s case, he’s learned how to counterbalance his work and home life to keep a sense of happiness and fulfillment in both.  Each of the Rookies I’ve trained have impress me beyond belief with their ability to create wildly impressive results both at work AND in their homes.  (These leaders are moving and shaking the world!  It will be really fun to watch who they coach/train over the next few years too!)

In order to sustain longterm health, happiness, and fulfillment I believe every successful person must master their own alignment. 

Are any of us perfect about it??  Hell no.  Fuhgettaboutit.  Yet we can make sure we’re aware of it when we slip out of alignment (and the really smart ones among us hire a coach of some kind to help us stay on the right track!)


The holy grail of successful people…. Action.  I encourage each Rookie (and any other client) to take uncomfortable, consistent, result-inducing ACTION.  I love how Gary V summed this up: 

“You can’t read about push ups” [and expect results].

The secret sauce is the ultimate combination of vision, alignment, and action — more specifically — FOCUSED action.   

Any yahoo can get into action quickly — that’s usually not the problem.  However, we might feel like we’re sprinting with a blindfold on if we don’t get some guidance and direction.  This requires a little planning.  I ask a series of questions to help clients get clear on what is MOST important in their life & business before hitting the pavement.

With enough focused action and the right leverage (read: motivation) I believe we can move mountains.

That’s exactly what Rob did over the last year.  He combined all these traits with his natural gifts and sold 50 homes and $9,000,000 in volume (seriously Rob??!!), hired 4 real estate agents, built a plan to exponentially increase his business and positive impact in the region, earned Rookie of the Year AND earned a Culture Keeper award for representing his brokerage values… he’s training for a marathon in the fall, and continues to impress everyone around him with maintaining his family life at the highest level a man can…

An here’s the secret:

I didn’t change his life or business… He did.  Coaching works for Rob because it can work with ANYONE who shows up the way he does.  When a leader embodies grit, tenacity, energy plus Vision, Alignment, and Focused Action and combines them with the powerful tools and strategies coaching offers… when you learn how to harness your gifts and channel them into your life’s work  ANYTHING  is possible…

even if you’re a rookie.


If you want to learn more about how coaching works, it sounds like we should talk.  I have one 1:1 coaching spot left in my practice right now.  I also combined these themes into a 10-week consulting program for businesses.  You can apply on my website now.

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