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About Chris

My journey to this point is unique:  I’ve been struck by lightning, hit by a semi truck, graduated near the top of my class, been in law school (and followed my passion right out of it!), had my worst fear come true, been through a divorce that now makes me a stronger coach, earned Rookie of the Year, trained other rookies of the year, presented and taught in front of thousands of people, sold $20+ million in real estate on one of the best teams in the country, and now…
Now I live my dream life and have my dream business.
I’ve learned how to integrate personal growth, being a great business owner, helping people, making a great income, and having the relationship I’ve always wanted… These things were never out of reach —  they just required two main things:  1. I needed a MUCH higher level of commitment, and 2.  I needed an incredible mindset that could help me produce the results I wanted.
I had to learn how to really listen to my intuition and follow it.  How to care less about what other people thought, be willing to fail forward, and work every single day to attract the people, relationships, and business I deeply wanted.
And I had to hire my own coach to get there…
Now I get to share my passion and my mission with ambitious clients people through  Goodman Coaching.
And I’m so grateful to bring my experiences to every conversation with these amazing clients.  You see I’ve been fortunate to train and coach with the best in the business… From Tony Robbins coaches to Keller Williams’ MAPS coaches, from globally successful consultants to famous life coaches, I’ve been lucky to work and study with them for years.   These lessons and experiences are a crucial part of my story because I integrate this knowledge and insight with powerful mindset coaching.
That’s just part of how I specialize in helping people with:
  • being stuck in a job you hate
  • leading a team to greatness (without costing yourself your sanity)
  • finding a new passion to channel your life and business into
  • deeply understanding behavioral styles and how to use them in every conversation
  • cutting through noise to improve your bottom line and your life
  • mindset training to help you think and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being
  • how to focus your energy after you’ve healed from a life-changing event (or failure)
  • building something you’re insanely passionate about
  • finding time in your busy day for what matters most
  • identifying the obstacles holding you back from your goals
  • counterbalancing high performance at work with a happy life at home
  • feeling less stress and overwhelm
  • getting to the next level when you’re out of ideas
  • increasing your income exponentially
  • and most importantly… serving more people by becoming your highest and best self.

I show clients how my approach works and creates real results.

We work together directly, using practical coaching techniques and proven strategies from all over the world.  I help you self-discover opportunities and create results.  And who doesn’t love results??
I want you to experience breakthrough results so you can have more passion, transform your relationships, dramatically improve or shift your mindset, and evaluate how you’re currently “showing up” in your life or business.  And I’m supremely confident about this approach  because I’ve seen how it works in my own life and business…

I believe we should all be a product of our own product.

Here’s how I’m a product of what I’ve learned over the years…
I had a wildly diverse background before I started this coaching business. I graduated near the top of my class with a degree in politics and law.  I chose that degree because I had a burning passion to help people and advocate for them.  After I graduated I wanted to work with the best in town, so I got a great job with the largest law firm in my area.  (The kind of firm that had multiple floors in the top of the tallest building in town, where everyone charged the highest fees in town, etc. you get the picture…)
After 5 years in the corporate world, it was time to start my own dream career.  So I got accepted into and started law school.  Great, right?
I learned after my first year that my heart was simply not in reading and writing about the law every day.  Everything in me screamed I was wasting my talents, wasting my time, wasting my passion… wasting my life!!
So, I listened to my intuition.  I quit law school.
I knew I was capable of more than reading and writing all day.  I knew I had a burning desire to create my own schedule and to be paid for my performance.  I knew I didn’t want $150,000 in debt plus 6% interest.  I knew I was called to do something different…
So I made the leap into entrepreneur life.  (Incidentally, I’m a 4th generation entrepreneur… I suppose it was always in my blood!)
I joined forces with one of the best real estate agents in the country.  We wanted to build his team at a brokerage known for having the world’s best training.  This experience allowed me to learn and coach with the best, sell more than $20 million in real estate and 115+ homes in just 3 years, see what it took to scale a $1,000,000 business, and help lead a team that is still one of the highest performing teams in the region.  I loved the challenges of real estate, the energy of helping people’s dreams come true, and the rewards of being self-employed.  I thrived, earned Rookie of the Year and created a strong reputation of being on the best.
Yet the thing I enjoyed most in real estate had nothing to do with homes, showings, contracts, or commissions…

I was really, wildly passionate about coaching people.

So, in 2016 I created a Director of Sales position with the team to focus more of my efforts on coaching and less on selling homes.  This role helped forge my leadership and coaching skills every single day.  Sometimes I succeeded in helping the agents achieve goals in record time… other times I had to learn great lessons the hard way:   by failing.
However, those errors are part of what makes me an effective coach today.  I quickly learned what worked, what didn’t work, what allows people and teams to function at peak levels, how to “manage” people (in other words inspire them to conquer their own goals and keep them in alignment with the team’s goals), when to speak, when to let others be heard, how to listen (and I mean REALLY, actively listen), how to understand people and their innate behavioral styles, and perhaps most important:

How to coach talented people in  BOTH  life and business.

So, in 2017 I took another lead of faith and launched Goodman Coaching to follow my passion.  I wanted to continue working with the BEST I could find.  I wanted to help people experience remarkable breakthroughs in their own life and business, just I like I had been fortunate to experience… and I didn’t want to be limited to real estate anymore.

And it worked.

In the first year of Goodman Coaching I created a six-figure business and helped clients in dozens of industries… and it didn’t limit my life and business the way I felt real estate had.  For instance, I had blissful freedom:  Lindsey and I took at least 17 trips over 13+ weeks throughout the year.  I worked an average of 20-30 hours per week, and honestly it didn’t even feel like “work.”  I discovered how to integrate everything I’ve learned into a schedule that worked for me; not the other way around.  I launched a couple programs, created clients around the country, showed other people how to do what was working for me, and MOST IMPORTANTLY:

Clients experienced incredible breakthroughs, record sales volume, happier relationships, new levels of confidence, renewed purpose, and deep personal growth… all while getting the results they hired me to see.

None of that is bragging — It’s pure, deep, genuine gratitude for my story and how it helps me on my mission to coach the best… And we’re just getting started….
Regardless of your own story, your goals, your business, or your problems I’m confident I have experience that will allow me to understand and coach you.  We will work together to see what needs to happen to reach your next level of results in life or business…
I made it my mission to bring this work into the world and do it in a unique way because I believe custom coaching creates tailored results.
I currently live in the midwest with my stunning fiancé Lindsey (also an amazing coach!) and our black labrador Luna.  In my free time I learn constantly, kayak, hike, fish, travel & explore the world with Lindsey, and enjoy Kentucky’s finest bourbons.  I believe people should be happy, healthy, wealthy, wise, and have fun every day.
If you’re ready to become your best, take a leap of faith in your life or business, and experience one of the highest levels of coaching available click the link below and apply!  I want you to learn how you can create a happy life and business too!
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