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About Chris

Chris Goodman is a leading life coach in mindset optimization for high-performers. His clients include startup founders, real estate titans, Hollywood influencers, world-class coaches, CEOs, and a variety of small business owners in dozens of industries. 

Simply put, Chris is a life coach for business owners who want to become their BEST. 

Today, his mission is to teach business owners how to create their personal version of freedom, fulfillment, and impact on a global scale. Through one-on-one coaching, live training, and consulting, Chris shows clients how to unleash their mind, their potential, and achieve the results they crave. 

He brings 10,000+ hours of coaching and training, 5 years of corporate litigation experience, plus a sales record of $21,000,000+ to every conversation. Over the years, he has developed a reputation for asking tough, transformative questions in an approachable way.

Today he specializes in coaching men & women in their mindset and topics like leadership, team building, sales training, and building a life of freedom.

Chris travels the world with his beautiful wife Lindsey (also a successful coach), is a “foodie” and bourbon enthusiast, and recently moved from the midwest to a sunny beach in Southern California.

Common Q&A Chris Gets:

Do you only coach men?


— No. I coach both men and women.  Yes their styles are often different, however I’ve found our brains are mostly hardwired the same way regardless of gender. I coach the person, not just the topic at hand, and therefore I believe I can help most people I encounter.

Do you only coach real estate agents?

— No.  I spent a LOT of time coaching agents, and even trained 3 Rookies of the Year.  However now I coach business owners across the spectrum in terms of industry, age, and location.  The variety of their experiences and challenges makes me a more versatile coach for my clients.

Do you have your own coach?

 Yes. Right now I work with someone weekly who personally trains with Tony Robbins, Navy SEALs, and world champion athletes. I’ve only gone a few months out of the last 10 years without a coach or mentor and my productivity and mindset were immediately affected. I always have at least one coach personally, several mentors in business, and of course I married one of the world’s most brilliant coaches…

What is your favorite thing about coaching business owners?

— Men and women who own a business are in a unique position to create a MASSIVE impact on the world.  Their service, product, culture, and even payroll has the opportunity to change family trees, improve the planet, and make a difference on a global scale.  That’s exciting to me.  I’ve coached business owners with annual revenue <$50k and up to $12M… regardless of their business there is nothing more gratifying than helping someone see their potential, do the work to realize it and bring it to life, and immediately see the impact that creates around them. It’s something special and hard to describe, and a major reason I love coaching so much.

What’s something you want people to know before they apply to work with you?

— I often tease that I don’t work with ‘bubblegummers.’  My coaching style doesn’t work well with people who have one foot in and one foot out.  My clients are ALL IN kind of men and women, who are serious about maximizing their life, their impact, and their contribution.

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